Klay Thompson: "I’m Looking to Take a Huge Leap"


MTII interviews Klay Thompson as Klay discusses his role on the USA team, trade talks, and the Warriors' future.

Have the Dubs found a 3rd Center?


Check out his college & Israeli highlight reels on YouTube. This guy is great around the basket and can shoot the 3.

Shaun Livingston out 6-8 weeks


well then...

E:60 Stephen Curry (Full Segment HD)


Cool profile of Steph's journey from baby face to baby-faced assassin...

Video About Getting Over Andris Biedrins


This video really highlights what Biedrins has represented. I was a HUGE fan of Biedrins. And then, disaster struck. I don't know exactly what went wrong with Beans - maybe it was the hair, maybe it was Nellie, maybe it was the abdominal injury... I still wear his jersey to basketball every week.

Why Kevin Love is a bad idea for the Cavs


Very interesting article on medium that raises a couple of points. Is Love rally all that good if he's never made any of he's teammates better? Seems that they all mostly have regressed when playing with him and get better once they left. I thought he might be a great fit for the Warriors but after reading the article have changed my mind. I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson: The Splash Brothers Backcourt (HD) #LetsGoWarriors


Since the KLove fiasco is all done with, I decided to drop The Splash Brothers mix.