In N.B.A., All-Star Acting Is Part of Game [NY Times]


It wasn't that long ago that NBA head coaches voiced their frustrations about having to be mic-ed up, so that TV stations could get fans supposedly more up close and personal with the game. To tell you the truth what I'd really like to hear more of are the on court sounds of the players. Sure it's probably far from being PG (or even PG-13 when KG's playing), but it'd be really entertaining to check out what the real screamers and trash talkers are doing nightly.

Stephen Jackson Feature


For all you fans and h8ters of Stack Jack, here's an awesome video about him from the Warriors Weekly show.

Thoughts on the Portland win


Corey Maggette better get used to playing the 4, is all I gotta say.

Game 11 Recap: Blazers 106, Warriors 111 [Blazers Edge]


Big ups to my man Dave who runs the mighty fine Blazers Edge. Good game Blazers Nation. Good game indeed.

No car, but he has drive


Great article on Anthony Morrow. "I always like the underdog," Jackson said. "I root for them in movies. I root for them in sports. ... Players who make it when they're not drafted, I love their attitudes. Last year, I said C.J Watson was my son. Now, he's got a brother."

Pre-Portland Snack


More Morrow tidbits on

Pick tonights Warriors game vs the Blazers


I've been using this site for awhile to pick games and since tonight's Warriors game should be a fun one (Biedrins vs Oden) I thought I'd post it here if any of you want to check it out and try your best to predict the outcome

Stephen Jackson: Captain For Life []


Geoff Lepper breaks down the cap ramifications. Love Jack and I'm happy he's getting paid, but what an odd signing. Further proof that the Warriors mismanagement has some of the worst contract negotiation skills in the business. They have this bizarre habit of outbidding themselves. The Fisher/ Foyle free agent signings were just awful moves. J-Rich, T-Murph, and Dunleavy were all extended BEFORE they were even restricted free agents. Why does history keep repeating itself?

KNBR - Anthony Morrow Interview


Murph and Mac interviews Anthony Morrow 11/17/08

Pete Newell Dies at age 93


A real legend of the game.