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NBA Analytics

A way too early look at Warriors lineup data

What can we learn from combing through the Warriors early-season lineups?

Rockets embarrassing themselves with newest salvo of misinformation

ESPN got their hands on the full reffing memo that the team never delivered to the NBA, and it’s a bad look.

What the Warriors need to remember heading into the playoffs

As playoff season approaches, the Warriors will need to gear up for the final push to the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Back to the drawing board: Time to rethink the DeMarcus Cousins experiment

While still a useful player, it’s time to seriously reevaluate Cousins’ usage.

How do the Warriors stack up against the best ever?

How do the defending champs stack up against some of the greatest teams of all time?

Warriors coasting so hard in the regular season, it forced 538 to revise their model

"The Warriors would lose games that ultimately didn’t matter," say the predictive modelling experts at FiveThirtyEight.

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Next Gen | De'Aaron Fox

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Why Are Scores So Much Higher?

Kevin Durant needs to take more threes

A terrifying isolation scorer, he can wildly increase his efficiency by starting his offense beyond the arc.

The Warriors need to be shooting more threes

Other than Stephen Curry, the Warriors’ offense is behind the times.

Player perspective: How Kevin Durant has been used differently in Golden State

Using detailed Synergy data, let’s compare Durant’s past two years in Oakland with his most recent two-year span in OKC.

Player perspective: Looking back at how Steph Curry’s usage has evolved

Using detailed Synergy data, let’s review what play types Curry has been using the most over the years

Why the Warriors are the golden standard: A statistical analysis

After winning three out of the past four Finals, let’s take a look at what helped the Warriors win back-to-back titles from an analytics point of view.

They are the system, Part 2: Draymond Green

Part two of this series focuses on Draymond Green and how he has become the defensive maestro of the Warriors.

They Are The System, Part 1: Steph Curry

This is a two-part series focusing on two of the Warriors’ most important players. In part one, the focus is on Stephen Curry and how he is the core of the Warriors’ offense.

Taking a closer look at Curry’s defense against the Rockets

Not satisfied with the opaque NBA stats, Eric Apricot digs in deep.

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A few numbers from Warriors-Rockets, Game 1

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Some concerns from Pel's series/keys to playing Warriors basketball

GSOM member discusses Steph Curry's preference against the Pelicans for jump shots, instead of attacking the D and putting the entire defense off-balance.

Analysis: Andre Iguodala is the Warriors ultimate secret weapon

Andre Iguodala has been saving himself for the playoffs and damn has he looked good so far.

The Warriors’ super big lineup is their key to surviving without Curry

Starting Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson at the guard spots gives them the size and athleticism to play elite defense.

What is the Warriors’ best lineup without Stephen Curry?

The Warriors won’t be able to fulfill their offensive potential without Steph, but they should be able to field a fierce defensive lineup.

The Warriors are killing it from mid-range

The Warriors are hitting the mid-range jump shot, generally considered the most inefficient shot in basketball, at historically dangerous rates.

Visualizing Offense: The top five offenses look nothing alike

Warriors’ offense predicated on movement; other top offenses, not so much.

Finally, the Warriors are playing focused, intense defense

After rough stretches of uninspired play, the Warriors’ defense appears to be back.

Visualizing Versatility: A new way to look at the Warriors’ defense

A new graphic confirms our defensive interchangeability.

Featured Fanshot

How RPM is calculated

I was looking for a breakdown, and this one's pretty good.

How the Warriors and Rockets offenses are two worlds apart

The Warriors and Rockets offenses are both prolific but they execute very differently.

Why the Warriors have dominated the Clippers on the boards

The Clippers are a top-10 offensive rebounding team while the Warriors are a bottom-10 team in that category. Nevertheless, the Warriors have out-rebounded the Clippers four-games straight due, in part, to having more players who fight for contested rebounds.

Do the Golden State Warriors need to add another player?

What we have learned about the Warriors ‘Strength in Numbers’ after a month of injuries, plus a bonus Bell.

The Warriors’ defense is elite again

After struggling early in the year, the Warriors’ defense has regained its intensity. Their rim protection in particular is among the best the NBA has ever seen.

Warriors vs. Lakers: A tale of two turnover prone teams

The Warriors and Lakers lead the league in fast break points and are top five in pace. They also share a turnover problem, but the consequences are just greater for the Lakers.

Splash Assessment: Draymond Green’s early season stats review

With about a third of the season complete, have you noticed Green is balling out of his mind?


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