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Questions for Q&A with Pounding the Rock

The following are the questions we exchanged with Michael Erler of Pounding the Rock for our Golden State of Mindcast to preview the Golden State Warriors game against the San Antonio Spurs.

Questions from Golden State of Mind:

1. Obviously, once you make it to Game 7 of the Finals, your focus has to be on getting back there. What do you think will be the Spurs' biggest challenge in getting back to the Finals when you look around at the competition in the Western Conference?

2. The core of this Spurs team has been together for a while so it's hard to expect too much change from them. But Bruno Passos over at PtR recently wrote a piece about Boris Diaw's hot start to the season. Based on what you've seen, is this just a fluke or do you think he can keep this up?

3. You now have summer league legend Marco Belinelli on the team, who was drafted by Don Nelson and the Warriors. What are your early impressions of him and how he seems to be fitting in with this team?

4. Staying with the former Warriors theme, I have to ask about Corey Maggette: what on earth was the deal with the Spurs bringing Maggette into camp? You had an entertaining take on that when he was signed, but how did that story unfold?

5. Turning to this matchup specifically, J Gomez had a great piece on PtR the other day suggesting that Warriors' (and Blazers') ability to hit tough shots might have been what caused problems for the Spurs during the Western Conference playoffs. But when you look at the entirety of this Warriors' roster, are there any specific matchups that worry you as a Spurs fan?

Questions from Michael Erler of Pounding the Rock:

1. What were your thoughts about the Andrew Bogut contract extension, were you pleased or upset with it and did you feel it was something that had to be done to prevent Andrew Bogut from being a lame duck malcontent in the locker room?

2. Has Andre Iguodala been everything you thought he'd be so far, better or underwhelming in any way?

3. What do you think Harrison Barnes' role will be once he returns, will the lessened minutes hurt his development, and can this roster exist peacefully with Lee, Iguodala, Barnes and Thompson all fighting for minutes?

4. What concerns do you have about Mark Jackson as a coach, particularly after he lost his top two assistants in the off-season? Have you noticed any differences in him in the early going?

5. On a scale between 1-10 how terrified are you about Curry's ankles while watching a game, and is that terror even more amplified now with a) Toney Douglas as his backup instead of Jack and b) actual, realistic bona fide expectations on the team doing things in the playoffs?

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