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GSoM Tour

The Warriors don't get much coverage in the national hoops scene (12 years of missing the playoffs will do that to you- haha), but don't fret you've found your Mecca.

We've got your daily Warriors fix
24-7-365 nonstop Warriors and NBA coverage. Because our community has grown and is so active there's always something about the Warriors or hoops here. We try our best to update the blog multiple times a day too.

We've been blogging about the Warriors for over a year
We started out as Golden State Warriors BLOG back in May of 2005. We've learned a lot in our time blogging about the Warriors that I probably can't even begin to do justice to in this limited space, so I'll just say this: Warriors fans are the best fans on the planet!

We're not just a blog, we're a community
Once of the main reasons we migrated from our old blogspot location to our current SBNation spot was to both participate in and build up a great community of passionate, diehard, intelligent, and conscious Warriors fans. Diaries are better than a message boards because they foster actual discussion without flame wars. Unlike message boards, GSoM is tightly moderated. You'll quickly see the special culture and mind state here- we're all teammates and it's always going to be a family show. The GSoM community is friendly like no other.

Make sure to sign up for a free account (it takes seconds and you won't get any spam) and join the community!

We love hearing what you have to say
We're unlike traditional media in a lot of ways. We don't write to pay the rent or the electricity (although speaking of which maybe that's the reason my lights didn't turn on last night!). We write to start discussions with you and have a great time out. Every time you guys post a comment or start a new diary it's like a getting a Christmas present. Seriously, you guys make this fun for us. There's only so many of our bad jokes that we can get a kick out of.

We've contributed pieces for some hoops hot spots and gotten a lot of luv
We may have started out as a bunch of goofy fanatical Warriors/ hoops junkies just messing around, but along the way we've made a bunch of friends who actually like our work- shocking in itself! Check out the recent Warriors season previews we've done for Slam and Dime magazines. Slam also asked us to hype up the heart & soul of the Warriors Jason Richardson for their ranking of the top 50 players in the NBA.

We want to raise money to buy courtside tickets at the Arena (now The Oracle)
I kid you not. One of our main goals with GSoM is to raise enough money (currently through ads) to purchase a bunch of season tickets to share with you all. Imagine how crazy it would be if we had an entire section of GSoM folks at the Arena- it would make Arco Arena feel like a library!

We're growing... fast
Just the other week we reached the half million hit mark in less than a year. At nearly 6,000 hits a day (and growing!) we're one of the most heavily trafficked NBA blogs around.

We're for the people by the people
We're not guys in suits and ties- we're like you: crazy Warriors fans rooting on our squad at the Arena in the hottest Warriors gear. We're also real people! You can email us at any time ( with requests, suggestions, or questions. One of our favorite parts about running this show is meeting you all at games and hanging out.

We do a lot of... FUN STUFF!
Check it out:

  • News: All the latest about the Warriors right here! Because of the strength of our community, you'll often read about Warriors happenings here before many major news outlets- haha, and no it's not because the national media doesn't care about the Warriors
  • Hype: GSoM is the home of the Warriors hype machine
  • Rumors: 99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about! We've got you covered. We also get a lot of insider tips which we usually get the OK to pass on to all of you as long as we keep it anonymous.
  • Humor: You have to have a sense of humor if you're going to be a Warriors fan and we're FULL of goofiness
  • Science: We put those degrees to work by analyzing hoops as well as sociopolitical/ cultural issues
  • History: We're all about the old skool and we're lucky to have so many wise Warriors fans in the GSoM community
  • Fashion: Sneakers and threads aren't HOT until they've passed the GSoM HOT or NOT test
  • Interviews: We've been lucky to do several with the excellent local beat writers and columnists who cover the Warriors. We've got plenty of more surprises left...
  • Links: If someone's talking Warriors and has something interesting to say, we'll give them a shout out
  • Previews: Open threads for you to share your game thoughts with your friends in the GSoM community
  • Recaps: The AP's got nothing on our game recaps!
  • Web Pins: Make sure to get your own GSoM Warrior Web Pin- they're almost as fun as a BoomRich alley-oop!
  • NBA: GSoM-style coverage of the entire league
  • NFL: Every week we have a pick & post section for the community to talk football and predict game winners (49ers vs Raiders Superbowl this year- most def!)
  • FSN Bay Area- The W Column: Thanks to our friends at FSN Bay Area we launched a new fun column

Long time GSoM community members will tell you that Golden State of Mind is a hype machine like no other- we can pump up Warriors Nation like Thunder at the Arena! Don't forget to sign up for a free account and join the community.