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Our free agency predictions: Where will Kevin Durant end up?

Kevin Durant’s decision about where he’ll play for the foreseeable future will be made sometime today. A few brave souls on GSoM’s staff have stepped forward to make their decisions public.

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Lakers interviewing Ron Adams

Report: Warriors interested in adding Joakim Noah

Golden State is monitoring the former Defensive Player of the Year, should he hit the market.

Chris Bosh is interested in making comeback, joining “a winning situation”

Chris Bosh is interesting in a NBA comeback and the Warriors could be the type of team he’s interested in.

Why the Warriors didn’t make any moves at the trade deadline

After some speculation that they could look to shake things up, the Warriors ultimately stood pat at the 2018 trade deadline.

The Warriors could pursue Channing Frye or Joe Johnson

The buyout market might present some opportunities for the Warriors to add some shooting.

NBA Trade Deadline Thread: Will the Warriors make a move?

The NBA trade deadline is early this year, at noon PST today. Will the Warriors make any moves?

What the Warriors' inquiry about Avery Bradley means

News of the Warriors inquiring about Avery Bradley demonstrates more than just a willingness to listen.

The trade deadline is a week away: Will the Warriors stand pat?

The Warriors don’t have to make a change before the deadline, but they may make some moves around the margins.

Could the Golden State Warriors actually add Anthony Davis?

The Warriors next big target in a couple of years time is reported to be Anthony Davis. But what would it actually take to land him?

Are the Warriors poised to make a roster move?

Marcus Thompson reports Javale McGee is on the trading block. Will the Warriors look to upgrade their roster?

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Warriors-Bucks Talked JaVale McGee Trade

Looks like JaVale may likely be gone by the deadline. Makes sense considering he's fallen out the rotation, but not sure what the motive for losing him as insurance is. Is it that JaVale is unhappy, or that GS wants to give Cook an official contract/make room for say a G-League call-up (and/or minutes for Boucher when he returns)? Either way, would be sad to see JaVale go, out the rotation or not. Bucks apparently also inquired about Jordan Bell, Myers musta gotten a good laugh outta that one.

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Cavs-Celtics trade!

NBA 2017 Schedule Release Rumor: Warriors road games against Clippers leaked

In addition to all the news about the nationally televised games yesterday, the folks at Clips Nation uncovered a couple of the Warriors games at Staples.

NBA rumor: The Warriors may pursue Paul George

According to Tim Kawakami and Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, the Warriors may be trying to add Paul George to the superteam in the future. But don’t expect Paul George to actually become a Warrior.

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Nick Young a "serious candidate" for a part of Warriors 5.2M exception

As a primarily football fan, I don't know exactly what that means, but there it is.

Rumor: David West expected to return to Warriors for a final season

Veteran forward David West enjoyed his time with the Warriors enough to stick around.

Rumor: Warriors could pursue Rudy Gay if they lose Andre Iguodala

With Andre Iguodala drawing interest from all around the league, the Warriors apparently have a Plan B in place.

Rumor: Several teams will pursue Iguodala in free agency

It’s no surprise that Andre Iguodala is a free agent that is drawing interest across the league. Now we just have more details about who's targeting him.

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Strange loop-hole could allow Bogut to return to Dubs

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Rumor: Warriors have interest in Emeka Okafor

Warriors general manager Bob Myers, whose club lost big men Andrew Bogut, Festus Ezeli and Marreese Speights in the purge to make room for free agent Kevin Durant, said he had "a conversation" with...
Emeka Okafor working out in hope...
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Larry Sanders to join the Dubs?

He could be a key piece.

Warriors agree to trade Bogut to Mavericks

To facilitate the signing of Kevin Durant, the Warriors have agreed to trade Andrew Bogut to the Mavericks.

What Jerry West told Kevin Durant in a phone call

If The Logo speaks, you have to listen, right?

Warriors show interest in Crawford, Barnes

As we all wait for news on Kevin Durant, the Warriors are quietly looking at ways to fill out their roster.

Barnes remains Plan B if GSW can't land Durant

The Warriors met with Kevin Durant yesterday, but didn't get a commitment one way or the other. If he returns to OKC as expected, Harrison Barnes is the next man up.

Free agency open thread: KD could decide on 7/4

The free agent negotiating period begins at 9:01 p.m. PST with the Warriors being the first team to talk to Kevin Durant after his meeting with the Thunder.

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Are you ready to board Noah's Ark?

Royce Young has an interesting take on OKC trade

Interesting tidbits from the land of ESPN...

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Kevin Durant signing with Warriors — not Knicks — makes sense now


How will OKC's trade help GSW's pursuit of Durant?

The Thunder have traded Serge Ibaka to the Orlando Magic during the NBA Draft. So what does that mean for Kevin Durant's free agency?

Warriors will go hard after Durant, can he be wooed?

The Warriors are going all out this summer in an effort to reclaim their throne.


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