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Santa Cruz Warriors sweep Springfield Armor to close 2012 schedule

After defeating the Springfield Armor on Thursday night, the Santa Cruz Warriors did it again on Friday night without the help of Golden State Warriors assignees Kent Bazemore and Jeremy Tyler.

The Santa Cruz Warriors remained undefeated at home with an 88-79 win over the Springfield Armor on Friday night to complete a back-to-back sweep at Kaiser Permanente Arena.

But the more important statement for this team: they won by close to the same margin without the aid of assignees Kent Bazemore and Jeremy Tyler who were in Oakland with the Golden State Warriors for the Philadelphia 76ers game. And without the NBA players around, it was Travis Leslie's turn to take the spotlight: he led the team with 17 points on 7-for-15 shooting.

With or without the NBA guys on the floor, one of the things that stands out about Leslie is that he's quite consistent: whether he gets 6 shots or 20 shots, he manages to end up with double figure points, a sign of how efficiently he scores. That's a large part of what has him on the NBA radar, according to Ryan Ripley of SB Nation's Ridiculous Upside.

If PER truly is the magic stat that predicts a call-up, then Leslie is in great shape. His 23.80 rating is best among all shooting guards in the D-League.

He's averaging 17 points and 9 rebounds per contest with the Santa Cruz Warriors. Leslie's past NBA experience with the L.A. Clippers is a plus, along with his heightened focus on defense. Leslie is a great option for teams looking for a spark off the bench.

The bottom line: Santa Cruz is an extremely balanced and talented team with a few players who have a shot at getting NBA call-ups this season, which should keep the crowds coming and the atmosphere outstanding.

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