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Video: Highlights of Santa Cruz Warriors 109-93 win over the Sioux Falls Skyforce

After the Santa Cruz Warriors defeated the Sioux Falls Skyforce yesterday, Golden State Warriors assignees Kent Bazemore and Jeremy Tyler were recalled to Oakland for tonight's game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Golden State Warriors have once again recalled Kent Bazemore and Jeremy Tyler after assigning them to the Santa Cruz Warriors for yesterday's 109-93 win over the Sioux Falls Skyforce at Kaiser Permanente Arena.

And if you're wondering whether these guys get tired from all the back and forth travel, both players addressed that after last Thursday's game in Santa Cruz against the Springfield Armor: it's something that both players say they want to do and, perhaps moreso for Bazemore, need to do.

"I think you could probably make any excuse in the book about our travel and having to play, but it's just something you gotta do, especially me being in my situation not being guaranteed with the deadline coming up, this is just something I want to take advantage of just to show that I'm staying ready," Bazemore said after last Thursday's win.

It's not exactly the fact that they don't play either: Bazemore has noted repeatedly that being on the bench for him is a workout unto itself do to all of this celebrating. But both players have mentioned that the experience in Santa Cruz is an opportunity to actually get some time on the court, have fun, and most of all prove that they're ready.

"As long as I'm part of the team - and I know my opportunity is going to come soon - (I'm going) to keep working hard and to show the coach that you know, 'I'm staying ready for you'," Tyler said after yesterday's win in Santa Cruz.

It's a unique opportunity that the Warriors have given the proximity of the two teams and it probably sounds a bit more dizzying than it really is, especially for two players craving the opportunity to prove that they deserve to get their opportunity at some point.

For more on the game, check out my notes from yesterday's game in which Bazemore critiques the windmill jam that Tyler made (and vote in the poll about your interest in actually going to a Santa Cruz game).

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