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Santa Cruz Warriors finish out third round by selecting Jeremy Atkinson, Orion Outerbridge

The Santa Cruz Warriors used their 15th and 16th picks in the third round on Jeremy Atkinson and Orion Outerbridge, respectively.

We'll begin with the 6-foot-9 Outerbridge out of Rhode Island, who was the subject of an analysis at SB Nation's Ridiculous Upside:

Often compared to Wilson Chandler, Outerbridge may be a bit more raw than the rest, but his versatile talent is still evident. Like Aasiya-Bey, the forward impressed at the league's national tryout in June. In addition, Outerbridge also strutted his stuff at a workout attended by representatives from up to nine NBA teams earlier this summer.

Outerbridge's scoring efficiency took a dip in his final season at Rhode Island as his minutes and usage rate increased a bit but he clearly caught the eye of scouts nonetheless. For more on Outerbridge, check out his Sports-Reference profile.

DraftExpress lists Atkinson as a 6-foot-3 forward out of UNC-Asheville who showed the ability to do a little bit of everything: a mediocre 3-point shooter for a pro prospect, he rebounded relatively well for his size and showed the ability to score rather efficiently at a high volume. For more on him, check out his Sports-Reference profile.

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