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Links: Jeremy Tyler approaches D-League Finals with renewed focus

While the Golden State Warriors prepare to host their first NBA playoff game since 2007 tomorrow night, the Santa Cruz Warriors will host their first D-League Finals game at Kaiser Permanente Arena tonight.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When the Golden State Warriors organization first acquired a D-League franchise, most of the excitement was about the developmental potential for the organization. And this year, we've certainly seen how they envision using their D-League team to both develop players and find talent that might fit their needs.

But while the Golden State squad prepares to establish some playoff momentum tomorrow night, the Santa Cruz team is looking for an impressive achievement in their own right: a D-League title.

Santa Cruz will host the Rio Grande Valley Vipers to open the 2013 D-League Finals today at 6:30 p.m. PST on CBS Sports Network. It will be the first of a best of three series and thus, win or lose, the last Santa Cruz Warriors home game of the season.

Even if you don't care about D-League basketball at all and wonder how in the world a basketball team landed in Santa Cruz you have to admit this much: for an organization that could easily have been considered among the worst in professional sports before Joe Lacob's group bought it, experiencing this much success at both the NBA and D-League level so quickly is a sign that things are not only moving in the right direction but probably also moving toward a point of sustainability.

And maybe an extended stint there is helping Jeremy Tyler too?

Pre-game links:

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