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Ronnie Brewer turns in a memorable performance during Santa Cruz Warriors win streak

Despite a loss this past weekend to the Idaho Stampede, the Santa Cruz Warriors are one of the D-League's hottest teams after a five-game winning streak. While Elliot Williams continues to shine, Ronnie Brewer turned in a particularly memorable performance against the Canton Charge on Tuesday night.

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The Canton Charge were on a winless road streak when they arrived at the Kaiser Permanente Arena on Tuesday night, and the Santa Cruz Warriors kept that streak going for them.

Every player on the Warriors did their part to take the W against the Charge, and each Santa Cruz starter scored in double digits, but I thought the performance of the night was by Ronnie Brewer.

Brewer gave Santa Cruz its first lead, scoring 10 points, and back-to-back 3 pointers in five minutes. Throughout the game, he scored 18 points on 8-of-11 shooting, 12 boards, and two steals. 

The second half is when he stood out, scoring 10 points, while Williams scored just 2. 

Brewer doesn’t think anything changed for him when the second half started in terms of focus, he’s just felt healthier and in better shape. And it showed on the court too.

"I think my conditioning is getting better, working with the training staff has allowed be to get in better shape," Brewer said. "My legs are getting back out there with the exercise." 

To Brewer, it’s not all about his performance on the court, he relies on his teammates too.

"After I had a couple shots in the beginning, it just became natural for me. With that, my teammates were finding me and I was just knocking down the shots," Brewer said. "It was a test of my teammates finding me and also playing with comfort."

-Elliot Wlliams: 29 points, 9 assists, 10-for-20 shooting, 2-for-4 from behind the arc.

-Darrington: Hobson 18 points, 10 rebounds.

-Verdell Jones: 14 points

-Daniel Orton: 12 points

The first half was very back and fourth between the Warriors and Charge. The Charge was up by 10 at one point, but soon after, the Warriors had a 15-6 run which changed the game and put the Warriors back at the top.

During the third quarter, the Warriors seemed to realize they needed to focus on defense. Once they did, they turned a one-point deficit into a 14-point lead which let them to completely take over the game.

Coach Casey Hill agreed.

"They were playing the right way during the second half," Hill said in a post game interview.

Every fan got out of their seats and held up three fingers in the air right before halftime when Anthony Vereen regained control of the ball after slipping up, scored a two-pointer, and put the Warriors ahead 51-50 to begin the third quarter. The way each fan stood up to celebrate Vereen's only points of the half was robotic, but it really set the SeaDubs up for success during the second half.

The Sea Dubs' win against the Charge was their fourth consecutive win in the midst of a five-game win streak. Currently standing at 9-5, the Warriors now sit atop the Pacific Division and are tied for the second-best record in the Western Conference behind the first place Austin Spurs.

The Santa Cruz Warriors will host the Los Angeles D-Fenders on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm PT.

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