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Sunday Reads

Things to be read on a Sunday.

Semi-Super Bowl Sunday: The Warriors' close loss to a hated foe

David Blatt is dropping #hotfire on his old team, the Warriors lost to the hated Rockets, and we are all about to binge-watch some American football.

Goodbye 2017, you were horrible and I loved you

2017 was a complicated affair.

Klay Thompson’s new Anta commercial is so dope it must be photoshopped

Seriously, what is going on here?

Kevin Durant supports ESPN’s Jemele Hill, and so do we

Jemele Hill was right. Donald Trump is a white supremacist, and he is unfit for the presidency.

I turned my phone off for a week and the NBA exploded, pt. 2

“We’re not calling him Swaggy P. His name is Nick.” - Bob Myers.

I turned my phone off for a week and the NBA exploded, pt. 1

Whoa, a lot can happen in a week. Let’s dive right in and see what I missed.

Durant destroys OKC, Klay badly botches dunk, Curry models on beach

Things are pretty good in Warriors-land right now. That is, if you don’t count Klay’s amazing missed dunk.

Draymond Green: “You’re witnessing greatness [and] it won’t be appreciated until it’s over.”

Amen, Draymond.

If one more person says the Warriors are ruining basketball, I'm tearing out my eardrums

Y’all are a bunch of haters.

If for no other reason, Warriors should win for Zaza and Klay

Their friendship has defined the silly side of this postseason.

With Steve Kerr ailing, everything up in the air for Warriors

Steve Kerr has battled chronic headaches and pain since a botched back surgery. Now, facing a new, unknown illness, the Warriors coach could miss extended time.

The NBA Playoffs are so much better than the NCAA tournament

Don’t @ me. It’s not even close.

The Warriors are ready to make people pay for all the 3-1 jokes

Durant is back and the Warriors are ready to go to battle.

Will Kevin Durant’s return disrupt the Warriors’ momentum?

Yes, this is a click-baity headline. But, yes, this is also a serious question I have.

Warriors are pulling out of slump at the perfect moment

The Dubs look to be putting it all back together after a tough stretch.

The world is ending, and it’s Joe Lacob’s fault

By making the Warriors the league’s best team, has Joe Lacob doomed us all to a fiery death?

Five ways that this lettuce-eating otter could save the world

If I ever do one thing as convincingly as this otter eats lettuce, I’ll be set for life.

The Kings and Lakers are dumb.

Wut is going on?

Warriors provide Durant with sense of “family” as former city shuns him

Amidst the jeers and the boos, one thing became clear last night: Durant is in a better situation now than he ever was in OKC.

Football, chicken wings, and American ferocity

Buckle up, folks, the Super Bowl is here.

Steve Kerr and the world rise up against Donald Trump’s immigration ban

Steve Kerr will not just “stick to sports.” There’s too much at stake.

Feeling sad about Festus Ezeli

The Warriors’ former big man has had a rough couple of years. What happens next?

Warriors temporarily rumored to sign Dunleavy: Internet loses its damn mind

In the hour or so where it was rumored Mike Dunleay might re-join the team, Bay Area fans lost their cool.

Screw you 2016, you were horrible

2016 was one long firestorm of bad things.

Dopamine and our addiction to Warriors’ victories

How cell phone addiction and Alfonso Cuaron’s “Children of Men” show us the way towards a true appreciation of excellence.

Stephen A. Smith and his ilk need to be stopped

The ESPN “personality” shows the worst sides of sports “journalism.”

A brief history of NBA players kicking each other in the face/groin/wherever

It’s story time, via pictures.

J.R. Smith, Klay Thompson, and others keep us laughing

Are some of the best NBA “bloopers” actual mistakes? Or are they performance art of the highest degree designed to remind us that not everything is doom and gloom?

How the Warriors’ sense of “family” provides a blueprint for surviving crushing defeat

Watching the Dubs re-attack the NBA after heartbreak in the Finals has been nothing short of inspiring.

Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett should run for co-Presidents of the US in 2024

Seriously though, it’s time to figure out how you’re getting to the polls on Tuesday.

The Warriors come to grips with their new identity

“Sunday Reads” returns on a Tuesday to talk about a serious issue plaguing our country: raining frogs. Also, we look at how the Warriors and the nation as a whole are dealing with a season of change.

How not to read the news: A guide for worried Warriors fans

We take a look at some of the more infuriating NBA “news sources” out there in internet land.

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