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Video: Golden State Warriors legend Chris Mullin discusses the fundamentals of shooting

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Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown chats with Warriors great Chris Mullin about the fundamentals of shooting, including the hop, turn, dip, and sway.

NBA shooting coach David Nurse had a great post at SB Nation's Detroit Bad Boys the other day about what's wrong with Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings' shot.

Among those things was the matter of balance and the landing after the shot.

The ideal finish is what I call "five and a quarter." This means the shooter needs to land five inches in front of where he took off and finish with a quarter turn so that his shooting shoulder is directly in line with the hoop. A common mistake that the regular basketball ‘joe' will preach is "straight up, straight down." However, in this scenario the shooter diminishes his leg power and has to bring his arm across his body in order to have his follow through finish directly in line with the hoop, which causes for inconsistency. (See Blake Griffin)

Coach Nick asked Chris Mullin about this turn and sway in the video above about shooting fundamentals and Mullin had an interesting response: yes, he might have actually turned and swayed a bit depending on the situation, but it's helpful for a shooter to think in terms of trying to go straight up and down in order ensure that his mechanics are consistent.

Mullin's perspective is interesting to hear as someone who has obviously worked at honing his craft for decades and seems far more focused on establishing a consistent shooting routine instead of a one-size-fits-all sets of mechanics as well as taking a pragmatic approach to the mental aspect of shooting to generate the desired outcomes.