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Video: Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr discusses his son's career at San Diego

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Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr recently discussed his relationship with his son and coaching his eighth grade basketball basketball team after a game at the University of San Francisco (video via USF Athletics).

As Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group described the other day, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr took some time out to just be the father of San Diego Toreros senior Nick Kerr at a recent game against the San Francisco at War Memorial Gym.

Thompson descried the father-son relationship, the impact of Steve's new job on the family, and a bit about his past coaching experience with Nick's eighth grade team. Also, that third photo of Steve embedded in the article is a classic that I'm sure the family will never let him live down.

But USF Athletics also had a video interview with Kerr after the game that they have shared with Golden State of Mind. In the video, Kerr -- donning his Toreros blue -- briefly expands on the experience of coaching his son's eighth grade team, how proud he is of his son's career, and what it's like watching the game he has devoted his life to as a father.

It's a short video, but offers a more personal look at Kerr that we don't see on the sidelines or in post-game pressers.